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What Do You Understand by Ransomware? Should Your Organization be Careful?

The increase in the Ransomware attacks have been constantly noted in last few years. Especially after covid19 pandemic, things have become more alarming. No matter what type of products you produce or services you offer; if your online presence is not safe, you may be at risk. You cannot take a chance with your data and information because it is important. The point is you need to be sure that you have anti-ransomware for your systems. 

 Increasing number of companies and organizations are using anti-ransomware software  like Defencebyte to ensure that their overall data is safe. Not simply one country or region but half of the world is turning out to be a victim of cyber-attacks.  it is time that you be more careful and thoughtful about your online security.

Ransomware explained 

Ransomware is sort of a malicious tool or software that takes control of the file and data of your computer and stores them for ransom. The software can conveniently control the data files by encrypting them and preventing access without the proper decryption key. This key is typically only supplied once you pay the ransom sum that is mostly requested through bitcoin. 

More often than not, employers and business owners and even individuals do not really realize they have become a victim of an attacker until users begin to complain about an incapability to access their documents and information. When such a thing happens, IT support characteristically finds the extensions of essential files renamed with the ransomware variant. For example, the attackers would rename file extensions to “.BH.”

The continuous increase in cybercriminals’ usage of ransomware is having a proper impact on the enhanced acceptance of bitcoin. The bitcoin services are pseudonymous, which means there is no name or person link to the bitcoin account and ownership is create using a bitcoin address. This makes it really tough , if not impossible, to find out the account holders, creating up the perfect currency for cybercriminals.

You know the comparatively small ransom amounts aske are by design — the malware designers try to contaminate as many computers as possible, and to get paid as swiftly as possible. By keeping ransoms to a  few of hundred or a few thousand dollars, they think victims are going to pay swiftly rather than give up access to their files for different days or even weeks while looking for an anti-ransomware tool.

Can you really stay safe?

Experts and professionals are there in the cyber world who advice that you should not pay the ransomware in case you has been hack. Even if there is any manner to determine if you’ve paid the ransom, there is no pledge that the hackers are going to return the documents or files to you unhurt, in case returned at all. It is also  recommended that you keep the following things in mind.

  • Upkeep software and system updates and patches.
  • Don’t download files or documents from people you don’t know.
  • Turn on auto-updaters, in care there 
  • Never click on links or attachments that you fail to recognize 
  • Back up your files regularly.

Once you have a good software installed in your system, you can be sure that you get a proper precaution for your system. The software would identify the threats and ensure that there come no issues in your systems.

Compatibility  is a must 

You know what, using any type of random software is not the right solution. you need to be absolutely careful about what you choose and why. you require to be really sure about the options that you choose. Remember, in case you are not taking proper precautions, you may end up using a dull software that is not effective for your system.

When you check up the compatibility  of the software with your systems, you may be sure that your computers are safe and effective. remember, compatibility is one thing that is a must for your systems. Sometimes, folks simply choose a software considering that it has all features but fail to realize that the compatibility is  also important.  Having manifold features in your software is a good thing. But if the software does not have proper compatibility with your computers or the systems you are using; things can turn out to be difficult.

Trial is a must 

The point is simple, when you go for an anti-ransomware software, make sure that you check trial. Trial is going to get you an idea about the working of the software and the features it has. In this way, you can be sure that you understand the overall working of the software. You can be confident that the software works properly as per your needs. And if you find that there is something missing in the software, you can simply choose another software over this. Hence, the point is before buying the software or taking its subscription,  you would know if it really works or not.

Insurance can be there 

Ransomware attacks could fall under your cyber insurance policy’s “cyber extortion” coverage and is mostly believe to be “first-party” coverage. If there is a policy that is only with third -party coverage is probably going to leave a company uninsured when they are the sufferers of any sort of ransomware attack. However, if you are knowing about these gaps in your policy, you can confidently take action to fill them. Most of the cyber insurance policies are quite customizable , allowing your company to create a coverage solution that fits your organization the best.


To sum up,  the point is ransomware attacks are really common and risky for every business and individual. Make sure that you do not take them lightly. Get your systems protect today with a right solutions or software.  After all, once you keep things in place in advance, you can be more confident about the safety of your systems. You would never want that your confidential data leaks or gets stolen and your name and reputation is on stake. Your people will lose trust in you and you may not get the same good name and reputation again.


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