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What is QuickBooks Hosting? Explain

Want to know what is QuickBooks Hosting? In this post, we assist you by giving all the necessary information about the hosting QB. It is important the practice installing the licensed copies of the desktop versions on the cloud servers. The benefits of using the QB hosting services are: the reliability increased, scalability increased, reduced the IT cost, backup centralized, hardware less, and many more. Now, to know more read the whole article till the end. 

What are QuickBooks Hostings?

QuickBooks Hosting is also called hosting in the cloud. Using this feature you can access your information at any time without the need to install any heavy remote desktop software on your laptop. If you have a good internet connection, the remote desktop allows you to access data from anywhere or anytime you want quick access to your data. 

Moreover, hosting allows you to store the data on a third-party company’s cloud server like you can access the file from any device whether it’s your office computer, home PC, or your mobile devices. Without any mobility limitation, QuickBooks hosting allows you to continue using the software. 

Advantages of QB Hosting

There are some following list of advantages of hosting the QuickBooks, follow the below mentioned:-

  • Use QuickBooks Anywhere
  • Collaboration Improved. 
  • Can keep your data safe
  • The IT cost is low. 

1. Use QuickBooks Anywhere

This is the best selling point of QB hosting. You can perform this from anywhere or anytime, and access this software with your smartphone or any other device. 

2. Improved Collaboration

The mobility offered by QuickBooks hosting is important for businesses that have multiple users of QuickBooks. It permits all the users to access wherever they want to from anywhere and anytime. 

3. Can Keep Data Safe

The private data and information are stored within your accounting software. To secure from losing the data you save essential reports and data on your system or uploaded the information to the cloud. The security measures that are used are to make sure that you and only you have access to your data.

4. IT Cost is Lower

Many businesses have their own server for hosting QuickBooks. If setup fees, maintenance costs, and other expenses are taken into account, this may become expensive. Although remote servers are not free, they can be more affordable than onsite servers. 

Disadvantages of Hosting QB

  • Expensive Hosting 
  • Outages and Internet Dependency
  • UI Issues

1. Expensive Hosting 

As we see hosting is expensive. Hosting that involves mobility may be an invaluable service for some businesses, but for others, it may be an extra expense that puts a strain on their finances.  

2. Outages and Internet Dependency

When you need to access the accounting software, but your server is down and may your internet is not working and that can be a burden for you. However, a stable, high-speed internet can prevent the issues in accessing. 

3. UI Issues

When this transfers seamlessly from the devices, you may experience some issues and differences when using QuickBooks remotely. The desktop is not optimized for use on mobile devices, but you should be able to get the hang of things quite quickly while maintaining access to most features in QB Desktop.

Type of QuickBooks Hosting Providers

There are two different hosting providers to select from:-

  1. Standard Hosting Provider
  2. Commercial Hosting Provider

1. Standard Hosting Provider

If you have all the licences of QuickBooks, then move to the standard hosting provider. If you want to add a new user then these companies won’t be able to give a new licence, directly deal with Intuit. 

2. Commercial Hosting Provider

This hosting can rent out the QuickBooks licence on a month-to-month basis. There are several companies that offer the standard hosting services for companies that have all the licences that they require.

Guides to Host QuickBooks Desktop

  • Initially, you have to share the licence and other required information to install QuickBooks on our SOC-2 cloud platform. 
  • Now, the QuickBooks Cloud Server configuration is completed with the data migration to set up the hosting platform. 
  • Then, the credentials are provided on the remote desktop so the users can access and run the app. 
  • The industry-grade security two-way authentication is there to provide secured anywhere and anytime access. 
  • After that, the RDP Web Connector manages the connectivity between the cloud server and the user’s device and configures the user’s request based on his login. 
  • With the new, the customized remote server created, users, can now access QB from anywhere from any devices like smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets that are running on operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Lastly, enjoy the freedom to access, share, collaborate and work with the other authorised members such as RDP shortcut and the web browser. 

QB Cloud Hosting in 3 Steps

Follow the below given three easy steps to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:-

Step 1- Registration or Sign in

You have to sign up according to your plan like monthly or yearly, select the version of QuickBooks that is suitable for you such as pro, premier, and enterprise. Then, install the copy of the purchase in the cloud. 

Step 2- Configure the Access Rights

Grant the user access to QB Hosting solutions and start some required configuration like connection establishment with RDP, security of deployment and etc. 

Step 3- Log Into QuickBooks Cloud

RDP access to hosted QuickBooks can be obtained by supplying the login credentials of the server, just like that is already installed.


Above we mentioned What are Quickbooks Hosting and other necessary information. We hope that all the detailed information is helpful and productive for you. If there is any issue or want to know more then check out our other posts as well. 


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