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What is the best Portable TV and its characteristic ?

A portable TV can be much useful and handy in numerous situations. It can be utilized during the electricity interruptions or power outage, when outdoors (picnics, tailgating, camping, etc), caravan, or in a mobile home. With regards to Technology, modern products are lighter in weight, energy-efficient, and more reliable. For good viewing experience, they can also deliver in 1080p or higher high-quality pictures, far-reaching, and along with the audible sound.

Most of them fall victim without knowledge of the poor products. The sound, clarity, color, and image may not be good. It could have poor signal reception and battery also will not last for a long time. You can refer to the below-provided best Portable TVs and also a few things to consider before purchasing the product.

Best Portable TV – Things to Consider

Find below a few lists of important things to consider before purchasing a portable TV:

Input/output Ports – You should prefer a portable TV that includes numerous input and as well as output ports. The most notable include MMC, SB, AV, and USB ports. This helps to connect other units such as playing external media such as Micro SD Cards or USB flash stick, external speakers, and DVD players.

Signal Reception – You can get more channels with stronger signals. In case, if you receive weak settings, it may require an external device to boost the signal quality. Some items might be a collapsible or detachable antenna for better storage.

Power Option – It is advisable to utilize a long-longing and best rechargeable battery. A few of them can deliver at the last 4 hours for non-stop entertainment. It can also include an AC power option for its normal usage and also able to recharge with the help of an in-built battery.

Portability – A good portable TV will comes with an easy carry-friendly design. Not only lightweight but also much compact. It can be available in a slim design that is carrying handle and as well as more effective.

Sound Quality – Your Portable TV should also include a clear and better high-quality sound. It can rely on the treble, bass, and as well as other pitches. Moreover, it should contain good coverage for easy listening.

Image Clarity – A portable TV should offer more guarantee with good picture quality and also with a higher resolution. It should also be free from interference, shadows, and blurs. The standard higher resolution 1080p can offer its digital signal with more clear when compared to analog.

Weight – Your TV can be more portable when it is lightweight. It is not advisable to prefer the lightest one when it comes to the expense of quality. Lightweight products may tend to break or crack easily when compared with heavier or thicker materials.

Best Portable TVs 2019

Find below a list of best portable TVs 2019 available across the online platform for your reference:

10 Inch Portal Digital – ATSC TFT HD Screen

This is one of the best Freeview LED Portable TV with in-built battery and can be used in a kitchen, outdoor, camping, caravan, or car. This TV doesn’t require a cost for arm & leg. The best example of portable TV and still very effective and reliable. It comes with a 10-inch LED TV screen and can easily deliver good picture quality with 1024 x 600 SD (Standard Definition) resolutions.

The pictures are not blurry but much sharper. It has the amazing sound quality from this small unit and much thanks to its high-quality stereo speakers. It runs on 100-240 AC power or even 12V DC power. The users can utilize this portable TV anywhere either outdoors or indoors. This digital TV offers strong antennas and also responsive remote control for good signal reception. 


  • Much easier to use.
  • Good Sound and clear picture.
  • Portable and good weight.


  • This portable TC screen is not very large.

SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display

This portable TV comes with AC/DC RVs compatible, SD or USB inputs, and along with Digital TV Tuner. With the help of the SuperSonic SC-499 model, it is much easier to stay tuned to your preferred channels or programs. This portable TV can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. It comes with a rechargeable battery and even runs on mains power connection.

It has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and also can charge fast. The TV has a 9-inches screen to deliver clear and sharp pictures along with high-quality resolution. This portal TV has numerous ports such as HDMI, MMC, SD, USB, etc to connect your external media or devices. It also works well with Chromecast, Firestick, Roku, and many more. The in-built FM radio can offer you with the latest tunes and news.


  • Good and steady stand.
  • Clear and sharp picture quality.
  • Excellent sound.


  • It does not include very strong antennas.

RCA 7″ LCD TV Portable Widescreen & Detachable Antenna

RCA Portable TV has a 7-inch screen and one of the best portable TVs preferred by various users.  Not only small in size but also compact and lightweight. It can be easily fit within the sacks, bags, cabins, and other places as well. It is designed with various durable materials for damage prevention and can also extend its lifespan.

The TV resolution is much good and can also enjoy uninterrupted viewing. The in-built lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and can run for numerous hours before it times out of power. Depends upon the detachable antenna, your digital LCD & portal TV can receive multiple channels.


  • It scans the channels fast and has good signal reception.
  • Bright Colorful images.
  • Works much better in various places.


  • The TV screen is not too wide. 

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