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What is unique about tuck top mailer boxes?

Tuck top mailer boxes! These boxes may take more time in tuck top mailer boxes, but they are more secured in terms of usage. When compared to other types of packaging, the 1-2-3-bottom boxes are unique, in terms of designing, shaping and price. The bottom flaps of these boxes are interlocked with each other for closure. This option makes them very safe for use.

Uses and Advantages

tuck top mailer boxes are many people who may be asking questions about the relevance as well as the usage of these boxes. The 1-2-3-bottom boxes can also be called snap lock boxes. As simple as these boxes may look, they also require a professional to produce them up to required standard.

If you take a close look at these boxes, you would discover that the side frame of the bottom flaps, are designed in such a way that once they are interlocked, they give these boxes a completely secured and closed bottom tray. This makes the 1-2-3-bottom boxes very safe and capable of holding any weight of item that is to be packaged in them. If you are looking for a box that will surprise you, in terms of its design, then you should consider these boxes. They are similar to a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces lock into each other to produce a completely assembled picture or shape.

tuck top mailer boxes

One very important thing about the 1-2-3-bottom boxes, is the professionalism that is being employed in their designing. Not everyone, claiming to be a printing specialist can provide you with the right quality you are looking for. There are companies online that are into the printing business full-time. They are very many, so one must be careful when placing demands. It is important to note that these boxes are also affordable, as compared to other designs like the tuck bottom boxes, so when placing your demand, do not let anyone scam you.

Characteristics of tuck top mailer boxes

Another important characteristics of any packaging is its durability. This is what determines how well and how long they will be able to carry the product that they package. The durability and strength of the 1-2-3-bottom boxes or snap lock boxes are among the features that makes them special. They are greater than the tuck bottom boxes when compared. They may also be a little less strong than the auto-locked bottom boxes. Another important thing about these boxes is that you can have them customized according to your requirement. They can be printed into any design, size or shape.

tuck top mailer boxes

When we look at fitness training there has been much that has changed over the years. Gyms have become more accessible for all sections of the public, with the benefits of a personal trainer being used by many. One area which has not changed is the use of boxing as an effective training technique, and in more recent times the introduction of non contact boxing for fitness.


Boxingtuck top mailer boxes, also called prizefighting or the sweet science, is formally structured for competition at both amateur and professional level. Bouts are categorized through weight division classifications. Competitive boxing takes great dedication from the athletes to compete as the consequences of unsuitable preparation can be devastating.

Through its stamped history and purist nature boxing provides a solid platform for exercise. The benefits of boxing for fitness are a plenty, with cardiovascular function, speed, power, agility, reaction time, strength, flexibility and coordination all variables of fitness which are trained, with weight loss and muscle tone being effective outcomes.

Before starting any exercise a full warm up should be completed to activate muscles and joints. The three main purposes of a warm are to increase body temperature as warmer muscles have more elasticity; elevate heart rate to allow as much oxygen rich blood to reach the muscles; lubricate the joints to increase range of movement. An effective warm up for boxing is 2.00 minute round of jump rope along with dynamic stretching.

Basic technique principles will need to be followed to enable an efficient workout.


Establish a comfortable position with body slightly side on, knees slightly bent, head facing forward with chin tucked in towards sternum. Feet will be 12 to 24 inches apart, back heel off the ground and weight on the balls of both feet. Toes should be pointing towards the left shoulder (for an orthodox- right handed boxer) of pad holder, bag or opponent. Both hands are at ear height, with left hand slightly more forward and elbows tucked into sides.


The jab for an orthodox boxer is a punch thrown with the left hand. Conduct an extension of the left hand, with the fist and forearm rotating, striking your target and then returning to the defensive position. Rotate at the waits with the left hip turning to the right, and back heel rocking off the ground as you throw the punch.

Your head must not drift outside the boundaries of your feet as this would cause a loss of balance and therefore power. Remember to keep your right hand up when throwing a jab, as it will have a natural tendency to drop. A focus should be placed on speed when throwing a jab.

Right Cross

The cross for an orthodox boxer is a punch with the dominant right hand. Conduct an extension of the right hand. (like the jab) rotating your first and forearm, then hitting the intended target before returning to the original position. Rotate at the waist with the right hip turning forward and swivelling of the ball of feet. Try not to drop the right shoulder as it protects the chin, producing a powerful and long punch which is established from a snappy hip turn. Remember to keep your left hand up when throwing a right cross.


Uppercuts, both left and right hand, are produced via coming out of a squatting like position. with arm flexed and palm of clinched fist facing the boxers own chest through the duration of punch.


Hooks are predominantly thrown with the left hand of an orthodox boxer. The arm conducts a hooking motion with a focus. on an almost full extension at the elbow- to create leverage- whilst maintaining the elbow in a high position. The fist maintains its position throughout the punch with attention being paid to the knuckle part of the glove connecting to the intended target- rather than an open hand, or slap.

The use of boxing for fitness can be completed through a series of drills and exercises. Through rounds where the different punch combinations and techniques are applied. This is either completed on a heavy bag or with a partner using hand pads.

tuck top mailer boxes Combination’s

A combination is a tuck top mailer boxes- or moves- conducted in a consecutive manner. Combinations are a great way of training for coordination improvements. Being a neurally challenging movement. A quality of fitness is often overlooked, despite its vital importance. Combinations can start with a simple Jab-Cross, and build up to a five-punch succession of Jab-Cross-Left Uppercut-Cross-Left Hook. Here are some more suggested combination’s


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