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Which are the best apps for Play Store in 2020? Let learn

What are the best apps for Play Store-s in 2020, Google tell and on the one hand, as the list of Play Awards 2020 came to the fore.

On the other hand, the winners of the Users’ Choice Awards 2020 were also announced by Google.

The winning apps from all over the world won this award. The ‘Sleep by Wysa’ app won the Best App of the Year 2020 award from the Google Play Store in India.

On the other hand, ‘Legends of Runeterra’ won the first prize as the best game this year.

In 2020, Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other apps from the company won the Users’ Choice Awards in terms of apps.

However, this time in terms of games, Users’Choice Awards got the title of World Cricket Championship or WCC3.

Google says that the ‘Meditate with Wysa’ or ‘Sleep by Wysa’ app, which is a mix of the best stories for a good night’s sleep, is very thoughtfully and creatively designed.

Which are the best apps for Play Store in 2020? let's know

This Sleep by Wysa ‘app has a variety of tools to show you how to save people from deadly diseases like insomnia.

Google claims that the app has helped people sleep peacefully when the world is in a state of panic.

Many people under house arrest in the lockdown have fallen victim to diseases like insomnia.

But with the help of this app, many people have gradually recovered, says Google.

On the other hand, another sleeping app Loona: Bedtime Calm & Relax app has also become the best in America.

Google has also selected the best games and apps in several other categories.

The best everyday essentials app has come up with the names of a number of applications that have helped people in their daily lives, as well as help people, create new routines.

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The Koo: Connect With Indians app has been the best in this category among Indians. Other apps in this category include Microsoft Office.

The Pattern, Zelish App for Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping & Recipes, and Zoom Cloud Meetings apps.

Apna App for Job finds, Bolkar App: Indian Audio Question Answer, Mindhouse – Modern Meditation, MyStore, and Writco.

On the other hand, Chef Buddy, Finshots, Flyx, go dutch, and Meditate with Wysa app have won the best award in the category of ‘Best Hidden Gems Of 2020’.

Pratilip FM, MoK Short Video App, MX TakaTak, Reface, and Vita. Self-Care Therapy won the ‘Best for Fun’ category.

Anxiety and Depression App won the ‘Best App for Good’ award.

Fancade, Genshin Impact, Minimal Dungeon RPG, ORD, and Sandship: Crafting Factory have been named as the ‘Best Innovative Apps’ in India.


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