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The most common types of wheels people use today are alloy and steel wheels. Both have specific merits and demerits, ranging from aesthetics to reliability. The area you live in and your driving skills are what determine which wheels are the best for your car. 

What Are Alloy Wheels?

Mixing of several combine and preserve their dominant qualities, namely, rigidity, hardness, and malleability. This mixture is known as an alloy. Thus, in this context, an alloy wheel is made from an alloy of magnesium or aluminium. Nowadays, Calibre Alloy Wheels have become an important feature and can have significant sway in the buyer’s mind. 

Their price is a bit more, but they have more merits than steel wheels. But the same can be said for steel wheels too. Alloy wheels also give the cars a fancier look while boosting their road presence. But there is a lot more going on with this kind of wheel than looks.

Advantages Of Alloy Wheels

  • Alloy wheels have become popular as they give an aesthetically pleasing look to the vehicles. They are considered a luxury feature in most cars and are usually found in high-end variants. 
  • The production of alloy wheels is very complex. It is also why they weigh significantly less than other wheels and aid braking, acceleration, and fuel economy. They disperse heat more rapidly than their steel counterparts, thus increasing the tires’ longevity.
  • As alloy wheels are lightweight, they transfer lesser weight to the coil spring. It results in enhanced traction, grip, steering, and cornering abilities.
  • Alloys are rust-proof; that is, they are resistant to corrosion. The characteristic is very beneficial for people residing in coastal areas where salt and surface corrosion is rampant.

Disadvantages Of Alloy Wheels

  • Alloy wheels will cost quite a bit of money on all fronts, be it purchasing, repairing, or manufacturing. They are expensive as they have an elaborate manufacturing procedure. You need to add 50% more to your steel wheels budget so that you will be to afford alloy wheels. That is why car producers do not fit these wheels to low-budget cars. 
  • Alloy wheels have less rigidity than steel wheels. They are more susceptible to cracks, curb rashes, and dents. Therefore, even a minute damage can affect the look of the car as a whole. 
  • Repairing becomes taxing and complicated in the case of alloy wheels. They have to go through complex procedures to get back to the original shape. 

What Are Steel Wheels?

 As is obvious from the name, steel wheels are made from steel, ‘stamped wheel’ more precisely. These wheels have been available for a long period and are very hard and long-lasting. That is why steel wheels are generally fitted to hardcore SUVs, city cars, and even in HMVs. They are cost-effective and act as a substitute for alloy wheels. 

Benefits of Steel Wheel

  • As mentioned before, steel wheels have more strength than alloy wheels. Because of this particular feature, rugged, tough SUVs are equipped with them. Manufacturers also prefer them for most economy cars. 
  • As steel wheels have more malleability than alloy ones, they can be repaired more easily. To fix a steel wheel, all that needs to be done is to hammer the bent portion into its original shape.

Disadvantages Of Steel Wheel

  • Steel wheels are a lot heavier than their alternative, and this contributes to the unsprung weight of the car. As a result of which suspension comes under distress after some time. But weight does not always have a negative impact. Numerous vehicles benefit from this as these wheels provide increased traction and maneuverability. 
  • Steel wheels corrode in humid and salty environments. Even though they have a corrosion-resistant powder coating, they can only work to a certain degree. 
  • Though looks are subjective, most luxury car manufacturers don’t have steel wheels as their first choice. The simple, plain, bland look of these wheels doesn’t add any street presence to the vehicle. But there are some exceptions where the wheels look stunning. 

Now you are aware of the pros and cons of Alloy Wheels and steel rims. Therefore, the decision depends on what you will choose – whether you will go for the sophisticated alloy wheels or the tough steel wheels. 


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