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Why Should Businesses Opt For Eco-Friendly Poly Mailers?

Poly mailer envelopes are plastic postage bags that are used extensively in e-commerce businesses. If you previously shopped online, you have definitely received products in these mailing bags. Poly mailers are mostly used to ship apparel, accessories, beddings, bags, etc.

These mailing bags are made of polyethene material. That’s the reason why they are strong, durable, tear-proof, and waterproof.

Poly mailer envelopes have cushioning inside them to protect the items. They are easily customisable to fit a brand’s image and are very lightweight.

Can poly mailer bags be environment-friendly?

The material that is used to make poly mailers, polyethene, is harmful to the environment. However, it is strong and lasts a long time, which is a positive aspect, as fewer materials are needed for the production. And these bags can be reused a lot.

But the wastage can be dangerous for the earth. Therefore, eco-friendly poly mailing bags made of polyethene and post-consumer recycled plastic are a much better choice. Not only do these reduce the amount of waste created during their production, but they decrease the toxins and pollutants in the environment.

Why do businesses need to use recycled poly mailer bags?

Plastic postage bags produce a lot of toxins for the environment, which is a serious concern today. Here are some reasons why recycled poly mailers are better for your business:

A sustainable choice

If you are edging towards creating a sustainable business, shipping items in eco-friendly poly mailers is a smart decision. It may seem insignificant, but these changes can actually pull in more customers and lower your carbon footprints.

Helps to build a loyal customer base

Not a single customer will ever oppose eco-friendly products. Even if they are not very vocal about their stance, customers always like it better when brands do their part for the environment.

Research shows that 52% of customers will likely order more from brands with sustainable products. This is a great strategy to retain present customers and obtain newer ones.

Elevating customer experience

We have always said that packaging is a big part of the customer experience. Recycled poly mailers are priced at the same range as plastic poly mailers. These eco-friendly bags are an excellent marketing strategy. It is seen that 40% of customers are likely to share images on social media of thoughtful packaging. This is a way of promoting your brand through referrals.

Eco-friendly poly mailers can be reused

100% recyclable poly mailers usually have a dual peel-and-seal system. This means they can be used many times by your customers after product delivery.

These resealable mailers are also very useful for product returns. Customers hate difficult product returns. So, a customer who needs to order a new size or colour can download a label and attach that to the polybag for better reference.

It can be found in so many sizes

You know that situation when you get a huge box for a tiny product inside and the surrounding is just filled with plastic?

Packaging fail

Excessive packaging can be a source of an ill reputation for the company. Poly mailers are made of thin, lightweight material. You will find the right size for every product with so many different options.

Poly mailers are the solution for excessive packaging. For small items like wallet, t-shirts, dresses, accessories, smaller poly mailers are perfect.

It doesn’t add to the overall weight

Along with saving carbon footprint, eco-friendly poly mailers are extensively thinner and lighter than cardboard boxes. Due to this, it doesn’t add much weight to the overall transport.

Shipping bags from the warehouse to the customer has become much cheaper and convenient.

Finding eco-friendly poly mailers

If you are in the e-commerce business, the chances are that your product line-up fits well with poly mailing bags. The ease of streamlining of storage and operation is a big reason why these are so famous.

Eco-friendly parcel mailing bags are the perfect blend of meeting shipping requirements and helping the environment. Wellpack Europe offers multiple variations of 100% recyclable poly mailers like grey mailing bags and pink mailing bags. These parcel bags are made of the highest quality materials that keep your product safe during the entire shipping process. Ideal for commercial and personal use, they are a perfect option at an affordable price.

Wellpack offers a wide range of packaging materials including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, parcel mailing bags, corrugated paper rolls, office shredders, vinyl tapes, and house moving kits etc.

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