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Why Should The Tyres Be Replaced On Time? An Overview

A survey was held in the UK where motorists were asked how often they change their tyre? To this nine of ten drivers claimed they did not change their car Churchill Tyres Rugeley for over years. They choose to drive with the same tyres throughout the whole year.

According to the experts, it is not the correct way of driving. Driving with the same pair of tyres for years can be dangerous and highly affect safety while driving. Also, it is recorded that only 4% of the drivers switch to seasonal tyres.

The vehicle’s safety, grip and traction, smooth drive; everything depends on your car tyres. Irrespective of the fact you change them or not. Your car tyres are just like any other machine or electronics, if you drive frequently, they will need repair and servicing regularly.

Why Switch Your Seasonal Tyres?

Living in a place like the UK with extreme weather changes, you must switch to seasonal tyres. With changes in climatic conditions, the road conditions also change.

For instance- You are using summer tyres and the weather starts to change. When the climate changes, the condition of the road also changes. During summer the roads are dry and hot while in winters the road surface changes to wet and snowy. So the type of tyre you were using in summer cannot provide you with the same grip in winters.

Seasonal tyres differ a lot. Starting from the rubber material used in the tyres, to the tread pattern.

Summer tyres- They are composed of a mixture of synthetic and natural rubber that proved the tyre required softness to run smoothly on the dry and hot surface. The tread of the tyre is also made by the temperature and type of road. So summer tyres have a big block-shaped shallow structure that leaves a bigger footprint on the road making a bigger contact patch. This helps in providing better grip and firm motion.

Winter tyres- These tyres are specifically made to be used on cold and snow-covered road surfaces. They are manufactured using natural rubber mixed with a silica compound. The mixture gives the tyres a softness to run smoothly. Even the tread of the tyre is different from that of summer tyres. These tyres have a closely packed design with hundreds of grooves and sipes. These tiny particles help in preventing aquaplaning. The stuck snow gets flushed away from the gaps with the help of the sipes providing a stronger grip on the surface.

Using summer tyres in winters or vice versa, your tyres will get damaged. The rubber will start getting cracked due to unsuitable temperatures. The ability to make grip gets bad due to unfavourable tread pattern which reduces the driving experience making your drive rough. Thus, switching to seasonal tyres is suggested to be done thoroughly by people who live in places with extreme seasonal change.

Why Change Your Tyres Over Time?

Changing tyres over time is essential. The tyres tend to age with time and get damaged, thus replacing them is the best option.

Although the age of tyres is unpredictable you can still guess the tyre life by looking at their condition. The way you drive and maintain your tyres can also become a reason for necessitating the replacement.

There can be so many reasons why your tyres need to change that most motorists often neglect. The working stability of the tyres is extremely important. Your tyres must be well kept up, if they are poorly maintained, you will have to replace them sooner.

For improving the working condition, get your tyres repaired regularly without causing any hassle to yourself. There are so many facilities that you can avail to get them all serviced without doing anything.

Things to consider to keep up your Tyres-

If you notice any slight disturbance in your vehicle or tyres, you must pay direct attention to it. Take your vehicle to the nearest auto centre.

– Most people do not get their vehicle services even after driving for thousands of miles. Thus, it can create problems like wheel alignment, balancing issues. Notice if your vehicle is veering in one direction, the probability of having misaligned wheels is high. This will cause wear and tear and lead to so many other issues.

– Condition of the tyres- If the rubber surface of your tyres has cuts, bulges, and cracks. You need to immediately replace your Tyres Rugeley.


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