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Haven’t you already exacerbated your acute back pain by traveling in medieval era public busses. After standing in long queues for who knows how many hours altogether under the scorching sun? Aren’t you frustrated enough to your very core from physically chasing down cabs that are not willing to go to your said destination? And let’s not even get started on all those times when you have forgotten your wallet at home. And your cab driver is verbally abusing you for wasting his time and burning his petrol for nothing. All just because he doesn’t know the concept of online payments. And how unsafe and insecure a woman feels when the Male Taxi Driver takes an unknown street in the sketchy neighborhood to reach the Drop-Off location. Only a truly compassionate entity like the Top Selling Uber like Solution can feel this pain and provide a solution to it.

I can’t see you suffering like this and neither can this On-Demand Taxi Booking Software!

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That’s why I’m putting an end to it by introducing you all to the world of Uber Clone App. This fully customizable on-demand taxi booking app is your Superman. Your saviour which has been lying right under your thumb in your smartphone. The biggest benefit of using this app is its feature that allows real-time tracking on map. Not only will your customers get an in-app push notification alerting them about the live location of the Taxi Driver. But they can also send a tracking link to their family members and friends for security purposes. When the family member taps into the link. It is as if the family member is virtually travelling with the Rider because of the constant live location updates.

Not only this Authentic Taxi App ensures security but it is tech savvy and has super cool features

Book Taxis through your Apple smart watch

Your customers can easily book Taxis through iWatch with a few simple taps on their smart-watch screen. All that they have to ensure is that the iWatch is connect to their iPhones and both have constant access to the internet. Then they have to download the Taxi Booking iWatch App on their iPhones which in turn will install an app on the smartwatch. This feature is so advance that your customer can even pay online through their Apple smart watches. Once the Ride is book, the smart watch screen then displays the name and photograph of the Taxi Driver along with the cab details such as the model number and Number Plate.

Free mobile number verification for up to 10,000 customers a month

This feature enables the entrepreneur to verify mobile numbers of up to 10,000 new users a month for free. This is done by using the Firebase technology which is a much cheaper alternative to third-party messenger system Twilio.

Stopping Taxi Drivers from extorting unwarranted waiting period charges

There have been report cases wherein Taxi Drivers have clicked on the “Arrived” tab on their app when they are still at least a mile away from the Pick-Up location. And then they would force the Rider to walk that extra mile. And also charge them with the additional waiting period for the time taken by the Rider to spot the Taxi Driver. The App Owner has put an end to this nuisance by launching this app which doesn’t allow the Taxi Driver to click on the “Arrived” icon unless the driver is hardly 50 yards away.

This App is armoured with corona-safety measures to help defeat this virus!

Taxi Drivers have to upload selfies with face mask on

This feature restricts the Taxi Driver from starting the ride unless a selfie with the face mask on is upload and verified by the App Owner. The World Health Organisation had long ago declared. This virus as an air-borne illness and hence face covering is the only shield we have against this lethal Covid-19 despite the numerous vaccines in town.

Cancel Rides without incurring any penalty charges if any of the corona-safety protocols are violated

This feature allows both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers to cancel the ride immediately if either of the two is found not wearing a mask. Not only this, before a Rider can even request for a Ride. A safety-Checklist window pops-up on the screen and clearly states four essential corona-safety measures that need to be follow. These include wearing a face mask during the entire ride. Regularly sanitizing the hands, handling personal luggage on your own and avoiding paying in cash.


Uber Clone App has systematically restructured the travel & transportation industry by bringing both the Rider and the Taxi Driver on a single digital platform for the ease of booking rides.

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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