Are you drinking water too much? What are the side effects?

Drinking water

We all know water is life. It can damage your body by drinking less water. But the opposite is also true. Drinking more water is not good, experts say.

This can increase the pressure on the kidneys and heart. According to doctors, drinking extra water will reduce the concentration of blood.

The amount of salt will also decrease the flower body, head. It can range from headaches to shortness of breath. Even though it is raining, the heat of the sun is increasing.

This increases water to thirst. The amount of water consumed throughout the day also increases. But there are also downsides to overeating. It can reduce the performance of the brain.

Water is most essential for the body to function properly. Contaminants accumulated in the body are also excreted through urine. For this, the more often you drink water, the clearer your body becomes.

How much drinking water in daily life is good for health?

Doctors recommend drinking 2-3 liters of water a day. However, depending on the age, habits, and health, there is no harm if it is a little in this direction and direction.

Some say 8 glasses of water in a day, or some say 2 liters of water is enough. But not everyone has the same water needs.

Drinking water too much, it has side effect

The body’s need for water depends on its shape and how much work we do, what kind of food we eat. According to experts, the person whose weight is divided by 30 will get the same number of liters of water daily.

If you work out for half an hour every day, you will have to drink extra 600 ml of water. There is no harm in eating more vegetables and fruits and drinking less water.

Because 20-25 percent of the amounts of water, we drink, comes from food. So, water is neither less nor more. You should measure water to avoid danger.

What happens if you drink extra water?

1. Kidney pressure –

Our kidneys can produce a maximum of 1 liter of urine per hour. So, there is no need to give more water to the body in the allotted hours. In that case, there is a risk of kidney failure.

2. Sodium deficiency-

 If you consume 3-4 liters of water in a short time, the necessary salt is released from the body. One of them is sodium. This causes disturbances in the functioning of the body.

3. Effects on the brain –

If sodium levels are drastically reduced by drinking excess water, then brain cells begin to be damaged. It can lead to paralysis of your body and even death.

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