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Are you forgot everything? How to increase memory power?

When you forgot something in your childhood, my neighbors and relatives used to talk about eating some medicine. At present, the state of our memory power can be said to be more dilapidated.

Because we are now living in an age where any information is readily available, newspapers, educational websites, social networking sites, etc. any information is available at any time anywhere.

But can we emphasize that all the information we remember? We forget a lot of important information at work.

Not only that, I may have forgotten in my work that there was milk on the gas, or I opened the faucet to fill the bucket in the bathroom.

As a result, the milk burns, or the bathroom is washed away. Even if someone tells you your name 5 minutes ago, you can’t remember it! So now it is necessary to strengthen the memory.

How to increase memory power?

1. Focus –

Some people are good at multitasking. Again, multitasking is essential for some jobs. While multitasking is good, doing one thing at a time can help you remember anything better.

Engaging yourself in a specific task instead of multitasking will remember everything.

2. Take control of your stress –

Nowadays, we all know how mental exhaustion and stress are having a detrimental effect on our health. Not only this, but with the help of stress, we are also losing the ability to think clearly.

When the cloud of thought begins to accumulate in the mind in this way, nothing can be remembered properly. A person can remember any subject well and for a long time if he is relieved, compared to depression.

So, while it is normal to be stressed in the current race life, do not miss any opportunity to get rid of this stress.

3. Eat healthy foods to increase your power –

Berries, especially blueberries and red grapes, contain a chemical is called anthocyanins. The brain absorbs these chemicals to help strengthen memory.

In addition, blackberries, plums, and red cabbage can also enhance memory.

4. Don’t stress the brain –

The brain has a receptive power of its own. Many people try to imprint knowledge in their minds. Many students tend to study all day and night before exams and to collect additional information.

increase your memory power

The brain can absorb all of this information at its own pace and time. You will not remember anything because you tended to study or acquire knowledge in a hurry, but you will forget as much as you can remember.

So, instead of finishing all the reading in one night, a study in comfort and peace does not rush.

5. Give up the tendency to close your eyes and think –

Many have seen him closing his eyes and trying hard to remember something with his eyebrows.

What is the real benefit of doing so?

Eyebrow twitching doesn’t make much of a difference, but closing your eyes and trying to remember something can make you forget more.

Closing the eyes inhibits the sensory stimulation that the brain collects from the eyes, and the brain gains comfort and expends a lot of energy to remember something.

6. Translate into your own language –

Many times we forget the way the information is presented to us because we cannot communicate with it. So, translate any information into your language.

7. Don’t get caught up on the internet –

If not, overall, we turn to the Internet for answers to some questions. This can cause our brains to become lazy.

So try to think of the answer for a while before getting involved in this internet to find the answer to any question. This will improve memory and reduce the tendency to forget.

8. Visualize increase your memory power –

Many people keep reminders on their phones or laptops. This is because if you see something, you can remember it well.

For example, many people are reminded to take milk, eggs, meat, and vegetables back to the office. So, it reduces the chances of forgetting.

Many people imagine before they do anything again, how, in what way they are doing it. Make a plan in your mind and keep it in your memory box. This keeps the memory strong.

9. Turn everything upside down for once –

If you become accustomed to routine life, your memory will also become lazy because your memory is also a slave to habit.

 As a result of following the same routine every day, there is no need to remember anything, everything can be done like a machine.

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So, after some time, you can change your routine for once. Let’s say you change the place of the things kept in the house.

The first thing to do is to get memory speed. But the advantage is it will force your memory to work to remember the new place. As a result, memory will increase naturally.

10. Do exercise to increase your memory power –

Exercise will help ensure physical and mental well-being. Exercise will help strengthen the memory. This is because exercise increases blood circulation and helps deliver oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Exercising again can also reduce the chances of diabetes. Note that diabetes affects memory.


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